Heavy bridge/steel structure/machinery/transformer/boiler semi-trailer

1.product picture(8lines hydraulic steering  heavy duty trailer)2.product parameter(different payload the parameter will be change)size16000x3900x1900mm(from the top of goosneck to the ground)payload150ton/200ton tare weight 16000kgaxle16/20 axle brand can be opentional .(yuek/fuwa/Hj) hydraulic steering susp

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1.product picture(8lines hydraulic steering  heavy duty trailer)
Heavy Duty Bridge/Steel Structure/Machine/Transformer/Boiler Semi Trailer

2.product parameter(different payload the parameter will be change)
size16000x3900x1900mm(from the top of goosneck to the ground)
tare weight 16000kg
axle16/20 axle brand can be opentional .(yuek/fuwa/Hj) hydraulic steering 
suspension mechanical suspension/air suspension/american type/germany type can be opentional
tire11R22.5/12R22.5/11.00R20/12.00R20    brand can be opentional 
wheel rim8.25/9.0/8.0/8.5 
kingpin 2"/3.5"
I  beam up:25mm;bottom:25mm;middle:16mm;height:520mm;width:300mm:material:Q460
landing gear hydraulic pressure special landing gear 
floor5mm/6mm checkered plate
ladder mechanical /hydraulic pressure ladder can be opptional 
spare tire carrier 2 pcs 
tool box1
air wiring doule air line ;
electricity wiring 6 core wiring;24v or 12v ;LED lamp;
brake system wabco relay valve;drum brake;t30/30 brake chamber 
paiting complete chassis sand blasting;electrophoresis coating;1 coat of anticorrosive prime;
2  coats of final paiting
colour opentional 
accessories brake shoe;spare tire cranking;shaft head wrench;jack 50ton;tire bolt;lamp

3.produce process(normal process can take our good quality product)
the normal produce process is very important .in china some irresponsible factorys for the purpose of pursuit of profit.they have becomevery irresponsible.some necessary produce process have cancel.also the produce can be use .but the working life will be short .some people  will thinking like this:if the trailer work too long time . they cant buy my trailer in short time .my profit will be reduce .so the semi trailer cant work too long time .so the purpose make them cancel some necessary .that the product quality will be reduce.the normal produce process will including :steel cutting ---steel weldding--blasting--pickling-primer spray coating-painting-baking finish-assembly.but some factory only use some  sample process .huayu semi trailer the whole produce process is normal .our principle is let our customer use the best trailer .use this time .after some years  he will come  back to huayu again .our produce process as follow:

Heavy Duty Bridge/Steel Structure/Machine/Transformer/Boiler Semi Trailer

4.product  details ( details can  be show you the whole factory)                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Heavy Duty Bridge/Steel Structure/Machine/Transformer/Boiler Semi Trailer

product details is very important .from the details we can check how about the company .like you want to check somebody if clean .just check his toilet .if the toilet is clean the main part the whole family is clean .in the trailer company is the same.just look the trailer details .the welding details -- the paiting details --the wiring details-if the structure detail is reasonable-air wiring-electricity wiring and others .in all one word .the details can show you many information about the factory                                                                                                                                            

5.my great women boss!!!!

my company built in june 6 2001 .my boss is great women .she is the people's congress of china .in the meaning time she is the only women people's congress in my town of liangshan shandong province.in the first my boss is a laid-off-workers.but she have never give it up to the life.so she dicide to do a business .but she have no money .how to do that ?she borrow some money from her relative and friends .use the first money she buy the scrap steel .by this business she get some money .some years later she come the trailers market .she want to build a semi trailer factory .but this time she have no enough money too.the same way !borrow money  from all this relatives and friends .but this time she need more money .nobody have so such money .so  he borrow the money from the bank .in the year of 2005 the shandong liangshan huayu group auto manufactory co.,ltd have build .but we have no the engineer .have no the workers .how to get them ?she from here to there to find the right engineer and workers .half one year .some engineers and workers come to huayu .only 20 people .but she decide to do this .buy the steel .trailer parts by herself .in the year of 2006 the first huayu semi trailer come to the world .from that time huayu come to today step by step.today we have become one of the biggest trailer company in shandong province of china .my boss is a great women .her name is Guihua Hu .

Heavy Duty Bridge/Steel Structure/Machine/Transformer/Boiler Semi Trailer

6.international market 

huayu semi trailer come today .we have 5 subsidiaries .we have become a group company .our main product is trailer .other company is; faw tractor truck ;real estate company;textile company;mixing station 
but my boss step have never stop .in the year 2010 our step go abroad .to open up the national market .from the year 2012 we insist on go to the national trailer and truck trailer exhibition .one year 4 times to the national exhibition ;germany bauma exhibtion /russia truck trailer exhibtion/dubai exhibtion and so on
our national sale performance from one to today .our step will not stop forever  !we on the way !!

Heavy Duty Bridge/Steel Structure/Machine/Transformer/Boiler Semi Trailer

1)why you will choice huayu trailer ?
because we have a great boss .in china the boss thinking will decide where the company will go ?my boss is a honest women .so my company is honest trailer company .some body will ask only one word how to say you company is honest .i dont want say more .i just want tell you the huayu trailer history .my boss is laid-off workers .from by borrow money to today .if some one have no the faith how can she come so  long way !thats all
2)what superiority huayu trailer have ?
i dont want to say our quality is the best .because many company did well .i just want to say :our quality is not the best but its the relieved to use .
3)what product huayu can supply?
big trailer company not only have superiority product .but have many type of trailer 
Heavy Duty Bridge/Steel Structure/Machine/Transformer/Boiler Semi Trailer
4)after we buy you product .if have after sale service problem .will you worker come to my country to solve problem?

i just want to say :if you need just one call to me !
5)how i trust you ?
very sample !come to my factory just have a look !i resposible for you air ticket charge!!!!.what you only need to do is :dont forget you passort!
6)how to contact you ?
very sample sample !!!!
just call me buy the :
0086-537-15965108777  or 15265312153.but my english not good .so its better email me : 
if you cant get  me add me: 
7)said to much !!whats you name ?

just call me lei.you chinese friend lei wait for you in china !welcome everbody !!!

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