Prefab steel building factory industrial shed for sale

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Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale

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1.  Specification
VISTA - Main Material List of Steel Structure Building 
No.Main Part ItemSpec.Grade
1Main Steel Main Steel Frame3 painting coatingsQ345B
2Foundation bolts M24Q235B
1Secondary PartRoof purlinC180*70*20*2.5Q235B
2Wall purlinC180*70*20*2.5Q235B
3Brace between column, Horizontal supportAngle steel Φ20Q235B
4Knee bracingSteel Angle L50*4Q235B
5Tie barSquare tubeΦ114*2.5Q235B
6Support bar round tubeΦ32*2.5Q235B
7Brace between purlin round barΦ12Q235B
1Roof System Roof panel0.5mmthickness corrugated steel sheet V820 
2Skylight panel1.2mm thick 
3Standard Parts Self-tapping screw, sealing tape, sealant 
5Non-standard PartsColored profile parts for the ridge, roof 
1Wall System wall panel0.45mm thick corrugated steel sheet V820 
2Standard Parts Self-tapping screw, sealing tape, sealant 
4Non-standard PartsColored profile parts for edge cover, flashing  
6Door Colored steel panel door 
7WindowPlastic Steel Window 

2. Detailed Description
Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale
(1) Unique Characteristics 

1 - High quality and durability: 
The steel building is safe and reliable, and it can withstand severe environments such as fire, strong winds, and heavy rain.

2 - Faster construction: All the structure parts are prefabricated in the factory, and then installed at the construction site. As a result, it will save up to 50% time period of construction and save costs for building owners.

3 - Minimal maintenance: The exterior of a metal building is essentially maintenance-free and long-lasting. Steel does not support mold growth, resists rust and decay better than other building materials. The bottom line is that low maintenance costs lead to low operating costs - a huge benefit over time.

4 - Economical - Reasonable cost: This building form has lightweight and short construction period, thus it can be put into operation very soon. Its comprehensive economic benefits are better than concrete structure building.

5 - Environmentally friendly: The steel structure can be recycled, and it will cause less environmental pollution when being built or removed.

6 - Wide architectural possibilities: It is applicable to many industries and non-industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture and civil usage.

7- Delicate appearance: The steel building design is with a modern sense. The wall panels are available in multiple colors and the building structure is with high flexibility.

8 - Space flexibility: Larger spans for flexible interior design.

9 - Seismic Resistance: Extensive research confirms that steel structure buildings withstand significant earthquake and wind events. Watch a test building outlast earthquakes simulated at UC San Diego.

10 - Adjustable design: Can cater to future expansions (vertical and horizontal) 

(2) Why Choose Steel Structure

Steel Was A Stand By Material For A Long Time In The Architectural Framework, But When It Is Recognized For Its Natural Beauty And Structural Integrity, The Result Can Be Inspiring. Master Architects Such As Zaha Hadid, Frank O Gehry, And Moshe Safdie Have Challenged The Idea Of Using Only Steel To Construct A Skeleton Of The Building And Create Innovative And Surprising Fluid Structures. Many Modern Architects Are Experimenting With The Aesthetic Of Steel From Rust Texture To Polishing For A High Shine Finish. 

Basically Here, The Buildings Are Made Up Of Steel Frameworks Which Support All The Loads Where Columns, Beams, And Girders Are Made Up Of Steel Sections. They Are Flexible, Which Makes Them Very Good At Resisting Dynamic (Changing) Forces Such As Wind Or Earthquake Forces.

As a part of the warehouse industry, you are charged with the security and well-being of your products or inventory and possibly your customers' as well. VISTA's metal warehouses provide the strength, durability, flexibility, and customization you need to get a building that fits your needs.

Combine the office space you need with the storage and production space your company will use.

From private shops on your residential lot to a larger space for your customers and their vehicles, VISTA can accommodate your building needs in a timely manner so you can get to work, fast!

The best way to protect inventory and business assets, both yours and your customers is with a VISTA Steel warehouse.

(3) Features

Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale

Primary Framing Elements-columns, beams and all primary members are made by H section steels- hot rolled section steel/ welded section steel, which will be bolted together at the site. A factory primer and facing paintings are applied to get a better anti-rusting effect of primary framing elements.
Secondary Framing-Purlin, Tie Bar, Roof, and Wall Support are formed as secondary framing

1 - Steel Frame for Door: Support the door.

2 - Color Steel Wrap Angle: Protective panels, prevent leakage of rain and air, decorative steel structure buildings.

3 - Color Steel Sheet for Wall: The use of color coated steel for building applications, as opposed to other materials, allows for great opportunities to create beautiful and functional buildings that meet high environmental and quality requirements. These sheets can endure continuous temperatures from 40° to 80°. Also, these sheets provide better protection against the cold temperature.

4 - Windows: Increase light transmittance. According to customer requirements, there are plastic steel windows, aluminum alloy windows, etc.

5 - Roof Purlin: Support the roof sheeting and the fixed position of the roof sheeting.

6 - Color Steel Sheet for Roof: Roof is covering of color-coated corrugated steel sheet or steel sandwich panel, hot dipped with zinc and aluminum compound, that is fixed to the outside of the structural building to protect it against bad weather or to make it look more attractive and last for generations.

7 - Brace: Bracing transfers the stress of loads across the walls from brace to brace, dispersing the load at any given point.

8 - Roof Purlin: Purlins are an important component in a pre-engineered steel structural kit.  These structural supports run perpendicular across the rafter beams. Also known as "sheeting rails," purlins create the roofing members of the secondary framing of a steel building.

9 - Steel Beam: A steel beam is a structural steel product that is made to support heavy loads. They are used in supporting house frames and roof structures. They are used to secure structures from harsh weather conditions.

10 - Wall Purlin / Girts: A girt is a horizontal structural member in a framed wall that provides lateral support to the wall panel to resist wind loads. Support wall panel, fixed position of the wall panel. 

11 - Level Support: Reinforced structural stability, generally made of Q234, Q345 steel.

12 - Column / Post: Columns in a steel frame are generally H sections, predominantly carrying axial load. 

13 - Brace: Bracing transfers the stress of loads across the walls from brace to brace, dispersing the load at any given point.

14 - Wall Purlin / Girts: A girt is a horizontal structural member in a framed wall that provides lateral support to the wall panel to resist wind loads. Support wall panel, fixed position of the wall panel. 

15 - Shutter Door: Shutter doors directly from the manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience. Metal roll-up or overhead doors receive some of the hardest use of any building component. Whether for residential or commercial use, overhead doors need to be tough, durable and quiet.
(5) Application

Industry: workshop, warehouse, and other industrial facilities.

Commerce: Mall, hotel, exhibition hall, hospital, office building.

Public: the social activity center, school, library, sports stadium, church, etc.

Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale

(6) Drawings Display

Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale

3. Steel Structure Process

3.1 Prepare raw materials: cut steel plate or use customized size H section steel and angle steel, round tube, round steel, square tube, etc.

3.2 Assembly and welding: our welders will follow the drawings to assemble the steel members and weld them together as an entire beam/column/brace and so on; (Our quality inspector will check the steel pieces after finish welding, this is the first quality check)

3.3 Sandblast: After finish welding and polishing, our sandblast effect can reach internation 2.5 high grade, very good for resisting rust; (Secondary quality check)

3.4 Paint: Within 2 hours after sandblasting, all the steel members should be painted. A client can choose any color and any brand of paint. (The third quality check)

3.5 Inspect the goods by client: After we finish a part of fabrication work, we will invite clients to check the goods before we pack the steel frame.

3.6 Packing and loading: If clients require us to load the goods by close containers, we will pack the steel structure members one by one on the steel skid and tie the whole steel package well. 
(The fourth quality check )

Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale

4. Our Advantages

4.1 Enough strong
It can resist 70m/s hurricane and G10 seismic intensity and protect your life and property. Furthermore, we also can design and build a stronger building according to your required.

4.2 No water-seepage problem
we designed a wholly reasonable and effective method of flashing plate and over-lapped of steel sheet, with superior quality closure strips.

4.3 High-performance heat insulation
35mm PU = 50mm EPS = 55 glass wool/fiberglass = 60mm rockwool = 475mm concrete = 1075mm brick

4.4 Excellent Anti-corrosion and long life
good shot blasting and 4 layers paint(90micron)/1 layer hot deep galvanized (80-200g/sqm) will provide our building 25-50 years life.

4.5 Good air permeability and more natural lighting
natural roof turbine ventilators,
bridge ventilators,
roof sky lighting belts,
wall sky lighting belts,
varies of windows, 
they will bring us more fresh air and natural lighting.

4.6 Quick installation
12 workers can assemble 1000sqm within 20 days.

5. Market 

Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale

6. Our Service

6.1 Pre-sale Service
  • Consultant service(Answering client's questions)
  • Primary design plan(Free)
  • Assisting the client to choose a suitable construction plan
  • Price calculation
  • Business&technology discussion
6.2 Sale Service
  • Submission of support reaction data for foundation
  • Submission of the construction drawing
  • Providing requirements for embedding
  • Construction Manual
  • Fabrication&Packing
  • Delivery
  • Other requirements by Clients
6.3 Training for assembly
  • We can support your full training service of how to construct and assembly on site.
  • Solution 1: if you have your own construction team with engineers, plumbers, electricians, and supervisors, we can support you 2 professional technicians for the necessary assembly training on-site.
  • Solution 2: If you don't have a construction team, we recommend you employ local construction workers for assembly, we can support you all the technician engineer and supervisor for training and construction assist.  But the relevant charges will be on your account.
6.4 After-sale Service
  • Periodical following-up our client's projects
  • Feedback and good communication
  • 50 years warranty for VISTA steel frame

Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale

7. FAQ

7.1 What's the quality assurance you provided and how do you control quality?
Established a procedure to check products at all stages of the manufacturing process - raw materials, in-process materials, validated or tested materials, finished goods, etc.

7.2 Do you offer guiding installation on site overseas for warehouse building?
Yes, we can provide the service of installation, supervision, and training by extra. We can send our professional technical engineer to supervise installation on site overseas. They have succeeded in many countries, such as Iraq, Dubai, South Africa, Algeria, Malawi, Thailand, and Ghana.

7.3 What is your main market?
Guided by the global field of vision, our products have been exported to many countries and regions with its good quality and good service, such as France, UAE, South East Asia, Africa and so on. We will be glad to establish sincere business cooperation with you in the near future.

7.4 How to pack the products?
We use a standard package. If you have special package requirements, we will pack as required, but the fees will be paid by customers.

7.5 Can you offer designing service?
Yes, we have more than 100 design engineers. We could design full solution drawings as per your requirements. They use software: Auto CAD, PKPM, MTS, 3D3S, Search, Tekla Structures(X steel)V12.0.etc.

8. How to Take Care of Your Steel Structure Workshop?

There are some notes for owners of steel structure workshop to maintain their buildings:

8.1. After the installation of steel structure buildings, the owners cannot change the structure and dismantle bolts or other components. If you need to change any part of the building, you must consult the manufacturer to see whether it can be changed.

8.2. The steel structure should be painted and maintained when it has been used for about 5 years so as to ensure a good-looking appearance and excellent safety.

8.3. In the use of electrical equipment, the wire and cable should be isolated by slot line pine in order to avoid electric shock accidents.

8.4. The steel structure workshop should be cleaned on a regular basis.

8.5. Any damage to the surface of metal panels shall be repaired in time to prevent rain and sun from corroding the metal plate.

The maintenance of a structural steel design workshop has a great deal to do with the service life of the building, so the owners should pay enough attention to it.

We are a professional material handling solution provider and supplies a variety of steel structure buildings, such as steel structure warehouse, steel structure shop and steel structure shed. To know more about the steel structure workshop, contact us now and get affordable steel workshop building prices.

9. Customized design is welcome, it would be better if you could provide the following information:

9.1. Location (where will be built?) _____country, area

9.2. Size:Length*width*height _____mm*_____mm*_____mm

9.3. Wind load (max.Wind speed) _____kn/m2, _____km/h, _____m/s

9.4. Snow load (max.Snow height) _____kn/m2, _____mm

9.5. Anti-earthquake _____level

9.6. Brickwall needed or not If yes, 1.2m high or 1.5m high

9.7. Thermal insulation If yes, EPS, fiberglass wool, Rockwool, PU sandwich panels will be suggested; If not, the metal steel sheets will be ok. The cost of the latter will be much lower than that of the former.

9.8. Door quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm

9.9. Window quantity & size _____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm

9.10. Crane needed or not If yes, _____units, max.Lifting weight____tons;Max.Lifting height _____m

Welcome to visit our factory, we assure that our products will satisfy your needs with designs, competitive performance price ratio and best services.


Qingdao Vista Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China. With over 20 years of experience in steel structure design, manufacturing, marketing. Now, our business scope extends to high-quality steel structure buildings (such as warehouse, workshop, hangar, chicken house, etc. ), prefabricated buildings, prefab houses, container house, steel structural member, sandwich panels, glass curtain wall, decorative metal panels and so on.

We have professional steel structure engineering contracting the first-class qualification, with more than 50-year-limited warranty in steel building manufacturing & installation. We have professional engineers who can provide the perfect designs according to the customer's demand.

Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale
Prefabricated Steel Structures Building Factory Industrial Shed for Sale


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